“Ashley” Week 2: Diary of a Child Portrait Painting

The paint is dry enough now for me to continue work on this child portrait painting.

Local photographer, Nicole Anderson, has been kind enough to send me the original of the reference photo I have been working from. There is a lot more colour in the original, which I love, so I have added some more colours to my palette.

I use a violet by mixing quinacridone violet, ultramarine blue & zinc white. The light blue I use is ultramarine blue + white.

I also apply some cadmium red light and cadmium yellow light in areas then rub them off with a rag – this leaves a slight stain of the paint on the canvas.

I start working on the eyes and mouth and reshape the nose.

Adding More Colour

Adding More Colour

Next, I add some more colour to the eyes (combinations of ultramarine blue, white and pthalo blue) and start working on the warm side of the hair.

I add two new tubes of paint to my collection today: naples yellow and indian red. I have read that these aid in achieving good skin tones, so I put them to the test … with the hair.

I mix naples yellow, raw sienna and a tetch of cadmium yellow light. I apply this almost all over. I then add some indian red straight onto to the canvas to give the hair a reddish glow. For the dark areas I use combinations of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.

Starting work on hair

Starting work on hair

I start working on the cooler side of the hair with a mix of white, naples yellow and raw sienna, adding some burnt sienna and ultramarine blue in the darker areas. I also drag some indian red through some areas.

The colours are starting to mix too much and get a little muddy so I am leaving it here today to dry so that I can paint over it again.

That's it for today!

That's it for today!

She is gradually looking better but there is a LOOONG way to go. I think I’ll spend the drying time practising with some oil sketches… and eating chocolate.

Both very worthy puruits.

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