Colouring in: Another oil pastel portrait

I’ve had another go at the oil pastel portrait technique David White showed me. I thought I would try to use the pastels in a more painterly way as Jacquie has such beautiful, smooth skin. I found I could blend the colours subtly by working them over each other repeatedly. There still is quite a lot of line, but I think less than my previous oil pastel drawings. Or perhaps it just looks less scribbly.

Here is the charcoal sketch:

Jacquie in charcoal

I covered the sketch with an ultramarine blue ink wash then lathered it with oil pastels. The pastel layer is so think it looks impasto in places.

Jacquie in oil pastels

I spent two hours essentially colouring in. As a child, I never, ever won a colouring competition. I reckon I’d kick it in, now. Wonder if I can get away with entering under my daughter’s name…

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3 Responses to Colouring in: Another oil pastel portrait

  1. Marko

    I love this! How bog is the paper? I thought oil pastels are thick, and I wonder how you get such great detail in this painting?

  2. Hi Marko. It’s not very big – A3 size. The pastels I use have a tapered end – they are about lipstick sized so not too big.

    Thanks for visiting – I haven’t updated my website for a while!

  3. Hi,
    Great painting. I love your neat and clean work, especially the face expressions. Keep it up.

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