Portrait Commission “The Happy Couple”: The Home Stretch

Well, here we are, one week further into my latest portrait commission as promised…. And voila, a beautiful smile for my girl!

My girl's teeth done

My girl's teeth done

I’m skirting around the issue here, trying to avoid the main deal in the middle of the picture. I add more to clothes, more context (and a pretty plant in the corner), avoiding the…

Clothes done

Clothes done - leaving the best 'til last

hands! But I have now managed to get that front hand in. I start sketching my man’s hand… but it is too much for me in one session.

Girl's hand done

Girl's hand done

Once I get my man’s hand done, I can relax and enjoy the rest of the painting. All the challenges have been ticked off and I can add some “Julia-ness” to the painting.
The Happy Couple

I am very happy with the way this portrait has turned out. It’s a brilliant feeling to overcome challenges you have set yourself. So, I think you should set yourself some drawing challenges today – or go back and try my workshops that I bet you have written off as too hard or too much trouble. 😉

Or, if you like, set a challenge for me! (Nothing involving extreme heights or jumping out of planes please)

Thank you to Chocolate Spice Photography for use of the beautiful reference photo.

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