Portrait Artists Know How to Party!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party on Flickr. It’s a virtual portrait party where portrait artists working in all styles and media come together to create images of each other. It is fascinating and inspiring to see the variety of work – and the quantity and speed with which it is produced. I am wondering if some of these artists draw in their sleep!

I have been pretty busy, myself. I have created another four on my iPad using the Artrage app, and two more with charcoal and white pastel on paper. It’s an easy way to study a huge variety of faces and a safe way to try out new ideas. And it’s crazy-fun. 🙂

MariahClyde take 2

Pepe take 2ClydeDevonPepe

I am gradually getting the hang of painting on the iPad. I have recently acquired a brush stylus which makes it feel like I am painting. My goal is to create works that don’t look digital. Mostly because I am too lazy to clean real paint off real brushes…

Nomad Brush Compose long tip

This is my brush stylus: the Nomad Brush

Here are some happy snaps of some works of other artists. Check out the variety of styles:


I would be remiss not to include a gallery of portraits of me:


This party never ends, but I always feel fine in the morning. If you like to draw, join in!

Julia Kay’s Portrait Party: http://www.flickr.com/groups/portraitparty/

To find out more about the Nomad brush: http://www.nomadbrush.com/

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