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My Cochlear Implant: It’s been three months! Woo!

“How’s your cochlear implant going? Why haven’t you updated your blog?” Lists are always so tedious to read…. and a catalogue of the sounds I am hearing with my implant (CI) would bore even me! (Peeling mushrooms) I am embarrassed … Continue reading


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My Cochlear Implant: Week 2 or so

This  was what I thought would happen at my  cochlear implant switch on: I would hear, with wonder and excitement, all the sounds that Carol, my audiologist played. I would hear simple environmental sounds, and would leave the session amazed by … Continue reading


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Listening in Stereo with my Cochlear Implant

I’ve been a bit neglectful of my portraits in the last few weeks as I have been pre-occupied with my new Cochlear Implant. A lot of people have been asking me how it is going, so I am blogging off-topic … Continue reading


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