Renovation Sale – ends 30 June!

Please help me clear out some art before our renovations! I have displayed some items for sale here.

Those of you familiar with my old work, I am also willing to sell any old ones you like including:

  • the acrylic painting of Caitlin running up the garden path – $150
  • the Mudgee grapevine acrylic painting – $100
  • “An idea of you” – the blurry acrylic of Courtney in San Fran – $150

(I don’t want to post photos on here of the works here as they are so old 🙂 If you are interested, I can email them to you as a reminder)

If you would like to buy any other work in my gallery which is not shown on the “Works for Sale” page, let me know.

I have also added a new charcoal pagegraphite page and page for iPad art.

Girl in Pink Revisited

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